Moscow again

My customer invited me last week to come to Moscow again on short notice. It´s the second time this year. Unfortunately, my visa expired two weeks ago but I managed to get a visa for this week within two days. I had to go to Leipzig to the Russian General Consulate to apply for it and pick it up. It was an interesting experience to be the only visitor there on a Saturday morning but amazingly it worked pretty smoothly.

I arrived at the Sheremetyevo airport tonight, coming from Dresden. Heavy snow fall. Shortly before touching down, the pilot had to do a „go-around“ because the runway was blocked – obviously by snowplows.

I didn´t bring much luggage and decided to take public transportation to my hotel near the Red Square, the train to Belorusskiy Vokzal and from there the metro to the Teatralnaya station. It was a nice 20min walk in the snow from the station, crossing the Red Square, to the Baltschug Kempinski on the other side of the Moskva river.

I took a few pictures I´d like to share. My family kind of liked them.

Kremlin and Red Square, view from Baltschug Kempinski
Kremlin across Moskva river
Moskva river
Kremlin walls, pretty heavy snowfall
Red Square with the mausoleum of Lenin
Spasskaya Tower and St. Basil Cathedral
I´m really here tonight 🙂

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